South-Fork HI Holly
DOB: 3/5/2018
South-Fork HI Holly
SS: *B Rockin-CB KR Hoku
S: *B Kastdemur's High Five
SD: Kastdemur's 7th Heaven 4*M
DS: +*B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
D: South-Fork AV Hallie
DD: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey 4*M

Holly is a powerful doe, deep and wide throughout, with excellent feet and a high, wide escutcheon with those perfect little teats. Her dam Hallie is my favorite of the young does so I was really happy to get a daughter. And Holly has wattles!! High Five has them but she is the only one of his kids that had them, which was funny cause I expected to see lots of them! We love the strength and power of this doe and are excited to see her freshen in the spring. Holly is bred to Sundowner for April kids.