South-Fork SD Harmony
DOB: 4/25/2017
South-Fork SD Harmony
SS: *B High-Tor Landslide Zigzag
S: *B M's Sagebrush ZZ Sundowner
SD: GCH M's Sagebrush Beau Mocha Chip
DS: *B Tempo Bode Miller
D: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey AI 4*M
DD: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick 3*M

Hailey has given us almost no doe kids all these years. Last year she surprised us with twin does, this year quads, 3 does and a buck! Yahoo!! Even though they were a bit later born, we just had to keep one! Harmony is so much like her dam, even being one of the younger kids she is really catching up with the rest of the group. She is long and level over the topline with that same wide flat rump of her dam, and a beautiful front end. She stands strong on her feet and legs, and has that same beautifully arched escutcheon and perfectly set teats just like all her half sisters. Because she is a later born kid she will also be left a dry yearling this season. Harmony has not been shown to date.

Color – Light chocolate with white markings.