South-Fork AV Hallie
DOB: 5/9/2016
2018 Elite doe
South-Fork AV Hallie
SS: *B CH Kastdemur's Landslide
S: +*B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
    2012 ADGA National Champion
DS: *B Tempo Bode Miller
D: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey AI 4*M
DD: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick 3*M

Her current lactation in progress, is
1-09 222 2220 82

Hallie is one of my favorite young does. She is so stylish and dairy, long and level over the topline with a beautiful wide, flat rump. She is strong on her feet and legs and she looks like she will have an outstanding udder when she freshens! Hallie was 1X JRCH. 1X Res. JRCH (to Cee Cee) her only times shown this season. We don't show our kids again after they get their dry legs, unless it is a money show, so after those wins she got to stay home! We really love this doe and expect she will be very competitive at the shows next summer.

Hallie was everything we had hoped for when she freshened, and she has quickly become my favorite of the young does! Hallie was 1X GCH this show season. She is bred AI to *B Kastdemur's Vicco for mid March kids. We are super excited about this breeding and can't wait to see what we get! Any doe kids born will be retained.

Color – Black sundgau

South Fork AV Hallie South Fork AV Hallie
Hallie - 2016 Hallie - 2017