SGCH South-Fork AV Hallie 5*M *DNA*
3-00 92 EEEE
DOB: 5/9/2016
2018, 2020, 2021 Elite doe
South-Fork AV Hallie
SS: *B CH Kastdemur's Landslide
S: +*B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M
    2012 ADGA National Champion
DS: *B Tempo Bode Miller
D: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Hailey AI 4*M
DD: SGCH South-Fork Sweet Trick 3*M

Her current completed lactation is
3-10 2763 96 98

Hallie is one of my favorite young does. She is so stylish and dairy, long and level over the topline with a beautiful wide, flat rump. She is strong on her feet and legs and she looks like she will have an outstanding udder when she freshens! Hallie was 1X JRCH. 1X Res. JRCH (to Cee Cee) her only times shown this season. We don't show our kids again after they get their dry legs, unless it is a money show, so after those wins she got to stay home! We really love this doe and expect she will be very competitive at the shows next summer.

We loved Hallie as a young doe, and after kidding this spring she really blossomed. She was our little super star in the show ring going 2X 1st, 1st Udder, 2X GCH, 5X BOB, 5X BUOB, 1X BDIS! LA at 3 Years – EX92 EEEE.

Hallie has continued to mature and looks just spectacular this year. We were actually able to go to a quad show in September, where Hallie was 3X BOB and 2X BDIS in tough competition! We love her yearling daughters out of Kastdemurs Vicco and have repeated that breeding for March kids.

Hallie has continued to shine this season, not only in the show ring but she has proven herself as a tremendous producer as well. Her 2 year old daughters are just amazing individuals, and she blessed us again this spring with another Vicco daughter! Hallie really shined in the show ring this season, going 7X BOB, 4X BDIS! Her current lactation, completed, is 4-10 280 2709 88.

Hallie is bred back to Kastdemurs Vicco for March kids.

Color – Black sundgau

South Fork AV Hallie
Hallie - 2019
South Fork AV Hallie South Fork AV Hallie
Hallie - 2019 Hallie - 2019
South Fork AV Hallie South Fork AV Hallie
Hallie - 2018 Hallie - 2017
South Fork AV Hallie
Hallie - 2016