South-Fork SD Brandi
DOB: 3/31/2017
South-Fork SD Brandi
SS: *B High-Tor Landslide Zigzag
S: *B M's Sagebrush ZZ Sundowner
SD: GCH M's Sagebrush Beau Mocha Chip
DS: *B J-Haven's 777 Livin' The Dream
D: South-Fork Sweet Bridgett
DD: GCH South-Fork Sweet Bon Bon 5*M

Bridgett freshened so beautifully we were super excited that she had this pretty little doe kid for us to keep! Brandi is like the perfect goat, she is so square and balanced, beautiful feet and a gorgeous rear leg set. Her front end could not be more perfect, the only thing I would change is to make her just a little big longer over the back. She has tremendous width in the escutcheon with those perfectly placed teats! We are really excited to see this one mature. Brandi was one of the later born kids and she will be left a dry yearling this season.

Color – Dark brown, white markings